Imagine the Outlaw Josey Wales riding into Salemís Lot Ė thatíll get you to the core of THE WICKED WEST. 1870 - The Texas frontier town of Javerís Tanks. Cotton Coleridge is a man running from his past. And being new in town, heís the one locals blame when folks start dyiní mysteriously. By the time the truth gets out, half the town has died - and come back. Cottonís quick with a gun Ė but guns donít work on vampires!


March 8, 2005:
Check this out:

"Like The Black Forest before it, The Wicked West is beautiful in its simplicity. Storytelling is a lost art in the world of comic books these days - Livingston, Tinnell and Vokes have returned that magic to the form. Hell, I think with these two books this team may have turned horror and western into viable genres for comic books again."

Read the full review from Comic Widows!
January 7, 2005:
Marc Lombardi reviews WESTERN TALES OF TERROR #2: "...My favorite story of this issue is the adult-themed "Belle Dorado" by Todd Livingston. If there is ever a horror movie about a Madame in the Wild Wild West, this should be what is adapted into the screenplay. Belle's girls are characterized so impeccably, and Belle herself is so horrifically evil that you can't help but like her. And maybe even lust for her. The ending is also perfectly creepy."

The 4th Rail WToT#2 Review
December 31, 2004:
Todd Livingston's story BELLE DORADO, illustrated by Eric J. is featured in Western Tales of Terror #2, which is in stores now!

Western Tales of Terror site
Ain't it Cool News WToT#2 review
Image Comics WToT#2 review
Hoarse and Buggy Productions
December 22, 2004:
Scoop presents their Best Comic Trade Paperbacks of 2004 - check out the Black Forest as number NINE and The Wicked West as none other than number ONE!
December 1, 2004:
WICKED WEST: THE "UNHOLY THREE OF MONSTER NOIR" RIDES AGAIN! David Colton, organizer of the Rondo Hatton Awards and frequent B Monster contributor, authored the following rapturous review... [read more!]
November 8, 2004:
The Washington Times calls THE WICKED WEST an "82-page beauty" - read their review!
October 30, 2004:
The BLACK FOREST HEROES Bust is in the November Diamond Previews; order yours today at a comic book store near you!
October 21, 2004:
THE WICKED WEST in stores now! Todd, Robert, and Neil want to thank everyone involved for their hard work on getting the book done.
October 21, 2004:
Robert Tinnell has a new back-up story in FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #6. VENGEANCE IS MINE: A TERRY SHARP STORY is the second appearance of the character, co-created by Tinnell and artist Adrian Salmon. "Think THE SAINT meets CURSE OF THE DEMON," says Tinnell. British artist Salmon has a nifty pin-up in THE WICKED WEST, by the way.
October 11, 2004:
The Wicked West will be hitting stores now on October 20th (a week later than the original release date, the 13th). If you haven't already, you can still preorder it here.
October 1, 2004: has a new 4-page preview of The Wicked West up, check it out!
September 28, 2004:
The Wicked West is now available for pre-order here at Order your copy today! The 96 page color graphic novel goes on sale October 13th.
September 1, 2004: has a new THE WICKED WEST interview up, check it out here!
August 25, 2004:
THE WICKED WEST/THE BLACK FOREST co-writer Robert Tinnell interviewed for Bill Baker's BAKER'S DOZEN column. Read the interview here.
August 24, 2004:
INSIGHT OFFERS MORE EYEBALLS: Your Web Site to be Seen by More People

Baltimore - Today Mark Wheatley announced an increased number of free Internet daily comic strips available from Insight Studios. Speaking from his studio office in the suburbs of Baltimore he said, "And the best part is every comic strip is free!"

Monday, August 30th will mark the beginning of the countdown strips for FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES. Created by noted film maker Robert Tinnell, author of the popular Image graphic novels THE BLACK FOREST and THE WICKED WEST and drawn by AMERICAN SPLENDOR'S Ed Piskor, the story begins on Monday September 6th and runs into early 2005... (read more!)
August 23, 2004:

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July 9, 2004:
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